Fiorina Compares Trump To Obama: They Both Hit ‘Below The Belt’


Carly Fiorina, who has been criticizing Donald Trump for his comments about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, said that The Donald is not the only politician who makes unfair comments.

During an interview with GQ Magazine published on Wednesday, Fiorina responded to a question about how Trump talks about women. She said she feels she needs to criticize some of Trump’s comments, and used the opportunity to slip in a reference to President Obama.

“Well, as I said on Friday night, there are certain comments for which there is no excuse. There was no excuse for his comments about Megyn Kelly,” she told GQ. “Likewise, there are other politicians who are equally below the belt. I said there was no excuse for President Obama calling anyone who opposes his Iranian deal the equivalent of the Iranian hardliners who are chanting ‘Death to America.’ There are politicians in both parties, unfortunately, who paint with a broad brush, who use insulting or demeaning language, and it’s never helpful, it’s never helpful.”