Cantor on Jobs Report: ‘Job Growth Must Be Stronger’

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor issued the following statement on the February jobs numbers, which showed the economy adding 227,000 jobs:

While the economy is slowly adding new jobs, job growth must be stronger in order for the millions of unemployed to get back to work. We know that jobs aren’t created by Washington. Job growth comes from small business owners and entrepreneurs who take risks and start new businesses. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help small businesses grow and start hiring again.

Yesterday, the House passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act with strong bipartisan support. The JOBS Act has the support of President Obama and the entrepreneurs and small business owners who know what it takes to start a business from the ground up. This is a welcome sign that we can put aside our differences and come together to produce results and create a thriving economy. I urge Senator Reid to act quickly and send this bill to the President.

But we can’t stop here. We must embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has made our country so great. We will continue to work to help small businessmen and women across the country get back in the game of job creation by removing Washington red tape and the threat of higher taxes. I am hopeful we can build on this momentum and advance common sense measures to help get more people back to work.