Larry Wilmore Hosts Book Club In Space With Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (VIDEO)

“The Nightly Show” left its New York City studio behind for outer space so host Larry Wilmore could start a book club Wednesday night with his childhood hero and astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The segment was dubbed “L-Dub’s Book Club… In Space!”

“This is a normal book club segment that we’re starting tonight that just happens to be set in space. Because like I said I love space and we have the budget for it,” Wilmore said.

Aldrin, whose new children’s book focuses on Mars and its livability, said he wants to help reignite children’s interest in space travel.

“It’s about inspiring kids for the future because they’re the ones who will be helping to make it happen,” the 85-year-old former astronaut said, adding that our interest in space travel is “ho hum” right now.

Watch the interview (in space), from Comedy Central, below: