Boehner Jokes That House Of Representatives ‘Designed Not To Work’

Asked about the divisions within his House GOP caucus, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) quipped Monday that the institution is dysfunctional by design.  

“I’m presiding over an institution that was designed not to work,” Boehner said on PBS NewsHour. “You know, the founding fathers gave us 435 members from all across the country. One big committee to solve America’s issues. It’s a demanding job. But I’m glad I’ve got it.”

The Speaker said the frequency of elections makes it difficult to get important work done.

Boehner insisted he has a good personal relationship with President Obama even though they disagree on policy. He blamed the current divisions over the payroll tax cut package on Democrats’ resistance to cut spending. (House Dems have said they want to fund it with a millionaire surtax and war savings.)