Boehner: House Acted To Fix FAA Furloughs Because Obama Wouldn’t

In a statement titled “House Acts to Fix President Obama’s Flight Delays,” House Speaker John Boehner blamed the need for congressional action to end air traffic control furloughs on the President, who Boehner said wouldn’t act to replace budget sequestration with spending cuts. 

Boehner’s full statement below:

“The disruption to America’s air traffic system over the past week was a consequence of the administration’s choice to implement the president’s sequestration cuts in the most painful manner possible.  It’s unacceptable that the FAA chose not to plan for sequestration or utilize the flexibility it already has.  Americans were rightly fed up, and it’s unfortunate that the House and Senate were forced to step in and fix the problem when the President chose not to act.


“With this solution, Americans will no longer be burdened by President Obama’s flight delays and our economy will not take an unnecessary hit.  This fix will prevent furloughs of air traffic controllers and do so without any new revenue and without adding to the debt.  Just like we’ve done here in the House, the administration must learn how to do more with less.  Sequestration is bad policy.  That’s why the House voted twice to replace it with smarter cuts.  But while it is here, the president has an obligation to implement these cuts in a way that respects the American people, rather than using them for political leverage.”