Bob McDonnell Takes Stand In Corruption Trial


Former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) took the witness stand in the ongoing corruption trial in federal court, according to The Washington Post.

McDonnell took the stand late Wednesday afternoon in Richmond. He and his wife have been charged with over a dozen counts connected to tens of thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods and loans they accepted from wealthy Richmond businessman Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

McDonnell on the stand said that his wife, Maureen, “was not as happy as I was” when he was elected governor of Virginia.

He added that Maureen McDonnell “was a little surprised, maybe disappointed” by the salary he made while he was a prosecutor. McDonnell said his salary then “was less than what I had made four years earlier when I left business.”

A day earlier McDonnell said he looked forward to taking the stand “very soon” as he was leaving court.

McDonnell’s defense attorneys have said that the former governor’s testimony would be a key part of their case. McDonnell, the Post noted, has previously tried to avoid giving a public account of his knowledge of William’s gifts to him and his wife.

Earlier on Wednesday James Burke, the director of the Performance Management Group at Virginia Commonwealth University, testified that he recommended move his likely depressed wife out of the governor’s mansion to reduce tension between her and the governor’s staff.

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