Bob Dole: Romney/Ryan A ‘Dream Ticket’

Former Senate majority leader and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole heaped glowing praise on the Republican ticket in Tuesday’s Des Moines Register.  

Ryan previously served as a speechwriter for the late Jack Kemp, Dole’s running mate in the 1996 presidential election.

It is no surprise that the Democrats are spewing bitter attacks straight from the negative political playbook of attacking your opponents when your record is sparse.

When I ran for president, Jack Kemp was my running mate. Jack was a mentor to Paul Ryan. They come from the same stock of thoughtful and determined risk takers who never shrink from policy prescriptions that will better the country.

I am proud to know Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Given the problems confronting the nation, I consider this to be a dream ticket — for the Republican Party and the United States.

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