Bloomberg Group Attacks Senators For Taking NRA Cash

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group co-chaired by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, launched its latest salvo Wednesday against the 45 senators who voted against legislation that would have expanded background checks on gun sales.

The group released research showing the lawmakers received “a combined total of $8,165,490 in lifetime contributions and independent expenditures from the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and the National Association of Gun Rights.”

“Even though 91% of Americans — and 74% of NRA members — support background checks for all gun sales, these senators voted against effective measures that would save lives,” a statement accompanying the data said. “It’s shameful, and voters should know who their senators are working for.”

Mayors Against Illegal Guns illustrated its point with a receipt-themed infographic showing the total number of gun group donations collected by each of the senators.