Bill Maher Wants To See A ‘Granny Ticket’ With Hillary And Warren (VIDEO)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is running out of ways to tell people she’s not running for president. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, seems like a near-certainty to launch a White House bid. Comedian Bill Maher hopes they both run — on the same ticket.

Maher told Larry King this week that he’s not exactly thrilled by the prospect of another Clinton v. Bush presidential race in 2016. Clinton and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), according to Maher, are “two centrist, corporatist type people” who wouldn’t take aggressive action to combat climate change.

Maher used a similar characterization of the former secretary of state in an interview with The Atlantic back in January, though he said he is “not afraid of Hillary as president.”

“She is really smart and very capable obviously,” he said in that interview. “Unfortunately the Clintons are centrist Democrats, they are corporate, centrist Democrats.”

Maher defended Clinton this week on Twitter after Karl Rove inelegantly brought attention to her health and age — but not without making a bawdy crack about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The liberal comedian and commentator told King there is one elected official who might make him a little bit more ready for Hillary.

“Yes, I think somebody like Elizabeth Warren, one of the most gutsy people I’ve seen in politics in a long time — she’s somebody, I think, who would really say what she feels and she may not ever win anything, but I’d love to see her run with Hillary,” Maher said in an interview on OraTV. “How about that? A granny ticket.”