Bill Maher: Donald Trump Is Like The GOP’s ‘Godzilla’ – He Keeps Getting Stronger (VIDEO)

Comedian Bill Maher compared presidential candidate Donald Trump to the Godzilla monster during his show Friday, saying every one of the billionaire mogul’s outlandish comments only seems to boost Trump’s standing in a crowded Republican field.

“He’s like Godzilla – everything they throw at the monster makes him stronger,” Maher said during his “Real Time” monologue.

Maher also riffed on Trump’s reported plan to offer children free rides on his private helicopter during his appearance at the Iowa State Fair today, saying if you’re one of the other 2016 candidates making the rounds at the event, “How do you compete with that?”

The host also referenced Trump’s remarks this week about his plan “to knock the hell out of” the Islamic State by cutting off its oil income as President.

“I would laugh, except his plan to defeat Fox News worked,” Maher said, alluding to Trump’s clash with Fox News over moderator Megyn Kelly’s tough line of questioning during the network’s GOP debate.

Watch Maher’s full monologue, posted online, below: