Bill Kristol On Romney’s Mid-East Response: ‘So Far, I Believe, Pretty Much So Good’

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol said Wednesday Mitt Romney is handling the situation in Libya and Egypt in the right way, just less than eloquently. In an essay published on The Weekly Standard website, Kristol wrote that Romney’s response was “So, so far, I believe, pretty much so good.”

One can question the timing and tone of Mitt Romney’s statement last night. One can note he wasn’t as fluent and clear as he might have been at his press conference this morning. Still, the fact remains that the events of September 11, 2012, represent a big moment for the country. Romney is right to sense this, and to seize on this moment as an occasion to explain the difference between his foreign policy and President Obama’s. He’s right to reject the counsel of the mainstream media, which is to keep quiet and give President Obama a pass.

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