Bevin Says McConnell ‘Sold Out’ Kentuckians With Default Deal


Republican Matt Bevin said Kentuckians were “sold out” by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for negotiating a debt ceiling increase deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Bevin, who is running against McConnell in the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky, released a statement bashing the top Senate Republican Wednesday afternoon after he and Reid cemented a deal to avert a debt default.

Read the statement below:

“When the stakes are highest, Mitch McConnell can always be counted on to sell out conservatives. 

“McConnell just negotiated the GOP surrender to Harry Reid, leading the charge to give President Obama a blank check and lifting the debt ceiling once again without any spending reforms. Harry Reid has even praised McConnell for his ‘cooperation.’ 
“After falsely promising that he would fight to eliminate Obamacare ‘root and branch,’ Sen. McConnell has instead given us more spending, more borrowing, and the Obamacare train wreck with exceptions for liberal pet interests. 

“Kentuckians are overwhelmingly opposed to Obamacare. Why does Mitch McConnell refuse to listen to his own constituents?

“McConnell’s rotten ‘deal’ is a slap in the face to ordinary Kentuckians who will be forced to pay for Obamacare’s regulations and mandates and this is yet another reason why we are sick of career politicians selling us out. 

“The more taxpayers learn about this McConnell-Reid deal, the more they will ‘join the fringe’ and vote to send conservative values back to the U.S. Senate.”