Berkley Spanish-Language Ad In Nevada Touts DREAM Act

Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley has a new ad on Spanish-language TV in the Nevada Senate race, going after Republican Sen. Dean Heller on the issue on education issues such as Pell grants and student loan interest rates — and the proposed DREAM Act.

The proposal would officially allow the children of illegal immigrants to go to college and be granted residency. President Obama recently moved to put in place many aspects of the DREAM Act, via executive order.

The English translation script, provided by the Berkley campaign:

With their opposition to the DREAM Act, Dean Heller and Republicans want to go back to deporting undocumented students. And Heller and Republicans voted against Pell Grants that make a college education possible for working families. Shelley Berkley and the Democrats expanded Pell Grants. And they reformed the system to keep student loan interest rates down. Because they know the road to a good job begins with education.