Carson: American Resentment Of Syrian Refugees Would Lead To Radicalization


Ben Carson on Tuesday said that the U.S. should not accept refugees from Syria because they will be easily targeted by terrorists, adding that Americans’ resentment of Syrian refugees could increase the likelihood of refugees’ “radicalization.”

“You bring a lot of people here from another culture and what they will tend to do is congregate together, that’s a natural thing, which makes them much easier targets for radicalization,” Carson said on Breitbart News Radio. “Particularly if you bring them into an environment where a lot people of are resentful of the fact that they are here. That’s just going to create incidents that will increase further the likelihood of radicalization.”

The retired neurosurgeon has also argued that Syrian refugees don’t want to come to the U.S., and that they should instead be sheltered in countries like Jordan. Carson recently returned from a trip to Jordanian refugee camps for Syrians.

“The Syrians themselves were pretty adamant about the fact that they want to go back to Syria. That’s what they’re looking for,” he said on Fox News Monday night.

H/t Buzzfeed News