Ben Carson Freed From Elevator, Meets Miami Heat Legend Alonzo Mourning (VIDEO)

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, meeting the media briefly before his departure, toured the Hunter Plaza Apartments in downtown Fort Worth, Wednesday, March 29, 2017.
Paul Moseley/Star-Telegram

After a brief period in which he was trapped in a crowded elevator, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was freed by Miami-Dade fire rescue on Wednesday.

He promptly met with retired Miami Heat superstar Alonzo Mourning.

Carson was in the middle of a visit to Courtside Family Apartments, an affordable housing complex in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood and a decade-long labor of love for the basketball legend.

“How do you feel? That must be a relief,” WTVJ’s Julia Bagg asked the secretary upon his large group’s exit from the elevator. She reported they had been stuck for about 15 minutes.

“Well, we got all of our questions answered,” he said, smiling.

Mourning tapped Carson on the shoulder and began a discussion. Candy Carson, the secretary’s wife, eventually prompted: “His name is the one on the court out there, you know that?”

Leases in the apartment complex are reserved for residents making no more than 60 percent of area median income, according to the Miami Herald, or $29,820 for a one-person household up to $49,440 for a six-person household.

The Herald described the complex, which opened in September 2016, as the result of a nine-year effort by Mourning and his non-profit, AM Affordable Housing, as well as several civic and business partners.

Carson continued in his duties, unfazed: