Bachmann Takes On Perry By Hitting Up Perry, IA

Michele Bachmann is looking to revive her campaign this weekend by hitting Rick Perry in a town that shares the Texas governor’s name. At campaign stops in Perry, IA, Bachmann is expected to discuss immigration — a topic that has played poorly for Gov. Perry ever since he expressed sympathy for immigrant education in a recent debate.

“Perry, Iowa, is dealing with the consequences of our weak immigration laws,“ Bachmann spokesperson Alice Stewart told the Des Moines Register. “It’s fitting for Michele to go there and highlight her strong stance on immigration reform, which includes building a fence, enforce existing laws, no amnesty, and no magnets to lure illegals to this country.”

Bachmann’s critique is the latest in a string of attacks on Perry from the right on immigration. Last week, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign said Perry’s “liberal immigration policies are out of step with Iowa.”