Bachmann: Low Congressional Approval Ratings The Senate’s Fault

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on Tuesday acknowledged Congress’ dismal approval ratings, but the Minnesota Congresswoman and one-time presidential aspirant said the lion’s share of the blame should be directed at one legislative body in particular.

Appearing on Fox News Channel, Bachmann argued that she and her House Republican colleagues have done their part.  It’s the Senate, controlled by Democrats, that has let voters down, she said.

The House of Representatives, as I said, we passed multiple bills, we sent them to the Senate where they died a sorry death. Harry Reid said, this is unbelievable. He’s the head of the Senate. He said, I’m not going to do anything this year. They should be fired over there! I think the president should be castigating Harry Reid and saying, get something done so I can compromise with Republicans. The president, unfortunately, isn’t advancing and neither is Harry Reid. So we can pass all the bills we want in the House, but if they don’t go anywhere with the Denate and the president, the American people are the ones who lose. That’s not right. We want the American people to win and that’s why we’re trying to do everything we can to change out the president and change out Harry Reid as the leader so that we can actually get something done for the good of the American people.