Embattled Sen. Ayotte: Trump Should Accept Election Outcome


Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who’s locked in a tough re-election battle, pushed back against Donald Trump’s claims of a “rigged election” Thursday and said that the GOP nominee should accept the outcome of the election.

Ayotte told MSNBC that she does not believe in the idea of a “rigged election” because the will of the voters will decide.

“I believe that, first of all, as a former attorney general, that he should accept the outcome and that this is important,” she said. “You know, I don’t believe that there’s a rigged election system. If there are allegations that need to be investigated, they will be investigated. I used to do that as attorney general. But really the voters are going to decide this.”

Ayotte and Trump have butted heads in the past. Ayotte supported him as the party nominee, but then rescinded that endorsement after a hot mic recording surfaced in which he made predatory comments about women.

In return for her at times tepid support, Trump had been reluctant to endorse Ayotte during her primary bid.