Anthony Weiner: Bachmann And Sandy Made Me Miss DC

Weiner said there were  two occasions he wished he was back in Washington — when Hurricane Sandy hit New York and last summer when a group of conservative members of Congress headed by Michele Bachmann (R-MN) accused his wife, Huma Abedin, and her family of having ties to Muslim extremists:

“The only two times I really missed being in Congress were, obviously, Hurricane Sandy where so much of my district was hit so hard. … I mean it was a great regret watching places like Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay and, obviously, the Rockaways. And frankly, I felt that, if I was there, I could have been helpful. And so, that was one time and the other time was when there was an outrageous attack on my wife by members of Congress accusing her of all kinds of things. And I couldn’t help thinking that, if I were there in that chamber, Michele Bachmann and her like might not have done that type of thing and her and her family wouldnt have been dragged through that process as they were.”

New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro followed up by asking Weiner if he called Bachmann during the incident. 

“No, I didn’t,” Weiner said. 

([Photo: TPM)