‘Anonymous’ Retaliates Against Arrest Of Former Spokesperson By Leaking Military Personnel Info

Someone claiming to be affiliated with the hacker movement “Anonymous,” and specifically its “Anti-Sec” or “anti-security” offshoot posted a text file online Thursday afternoon containing the names, street addresses, credit card numbers and other information of what appears to be a random series of 13 government employees around the country, ranging from military service personnel to a Department of Justice employee. 

A message at the beginning of the text file said that the information leak done in retaliation for the arrest of former Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown on Thursday by the Dallas County Sheriff, which turned Brown over to FBI custody. 

TPM verified that several of the phone numbers and other information contained in the text file were authentic and spoke with several victims of the hack, who were not previously aware that their information had been posted online and were confused as to why they were being targeted, having no knowledge of Brown or his arrest.