Lawmaker’s Parade Float Looks Like A Handgun, Smokes Like A Barbecue (PHOTO)

Alabama state Rep. Steve Hurst (R) hopes that the combination of guns and grills will help him cruise to re-election this year.

A photo of a float Hurst uses to message at parades, which is actually a large barbecue shaped like a revolver, was circulated Tuesday on social media. The lawmaker told that the float is a two-pronged messaging machine: it reminds constituents that he is both a small business owner (he runs a gun shop with his business partner) and a staunch gun rights supporter.

Hurst, who has served in the state legislature since 1998, successfully pushed for a change to a state law that forced homeowners to flee from intruders, according to Alabama homeowners may now shoot at intruders in line with so-called “castle doctrine” laws.

But Hurst told the news site that he wasn’t thinking about the political statement the float would make when he bought the barbecue a year ago. He said he hasn’t received any negative feedback about the float either, as it’s popular with people who want to pose for pictures next to the fake handgun.

h/t Reid Wilson

Image via Twitter