Admin Official Confirms Attempted Cyberattack On


A Homeland Security official said Wednesday that the Obama administration is aware of one attempted cyberattack aimed at shutting down

Roberta Stempfley, a Homeland Security acting assistant secretary, told the House Committee on Homeland Security that the attack, known as a “denial-of-service attack,” had been unsuccessful.

“We are aware of one open-source action attempting to perpetrate a denial-of-service attack against the site that has been unsuccessful,” she said.

“So there has been a denial-of-service attack on” Committee Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) asked.

“There was the attempt of one, but it has not been successful,” Stempfley said.

“And, of course, a denial-of-service attack has the ability to shut down websites,” McCaul said.

“The goal of a denial-of-service attack, sir, would, yes, be to deny the access to that information,” Stempfley said.

The exchange is below.