Yep, Remember This One

From TPM Reader PL

I’m from the deep pit of the south, Biloxi and remember hearing my racist Jewish father passing rumors about Clinton’s black father back and forth among his racist friends, luridly snickering all the while, and also that Clinton’s mother had been a prostitute. This just seems like an interesting aside to your post today about Clinton.

The racist people of my town, including my father, were more monster than human to me, as were my town and state and region monstrous. I’m 62 and remember well the white race riot in Biloxi that followed a quiet, respectful organized attempt to desegregate the local beaches around 1960-61, I think. History doesn’t really record all the brutality that occurred in its aftermath. The locals knew, though I didn’t know fully what happened until last year. That’s how hushed up it was.