Whither the Murdoch Primary

TPM Reader AF asks a good question. And not certain I know the answer …

I’m really appreciating your reporting on the GOP establishment’s fight against Newt. The stage is set: there’s an armada of Romney endorsements coming in. The National Review and the Washington Examiner are united against Gingrich. Along with George Will, and David Brooks, and Charles Krauthammer. David Frum, Peggy Noonan, Karl Rove. Gingrich’s poll numbers are plateauing.

But in some sense, all this is almost beside the point. Here’s what I want to know — who’s winning the Murdoch primary? What’s happening on Fox News? If they’re with Gingrich then he can hold up against the rest of the “establishment” (failing an epic gaffe), and if they abandon him then so too will the primary voters. What’s the verdict?

Come on guys — I’m not going to watch Fox News to find out! I rely on you guys for this!