What About Trump’s DMs?

TPM Reader MM asks a pretty good question …

Everyone seems to think it’s most likely Don Jr. passed on the link that his dad tweeted.

Lord knows his dad is on the twitters a lot.

Why the automatic presumption that Assange hadn’t been in contact with Sr.?

To be clear, Don Jr tweeted the link Wikileaks/Assange gave him two days later. The now-President didn’t tweet the link. But he did push Wikileaks and all the gold that was allegedly being ignored in their email dumps fifteen minutes after Wikileaks/Assange reached out to Don Jr. (I walk through the timeline here.)

I think it is highly likely Don Jr pinged his dad, quite possibly verbally. But the larger point is a pretty good one, a pretty good question. Has the President sent in his DMs relevant to the investigation? Either Mueller’s or Congress’s? I think it’s a decent question whether they’ve even asked.

Is there any reason to think he wasn’t doing the same? It’s hard to imagine Wikileaks/Assange wasn’t trying.