We’re Hiring

Yesterday afternoon I was going to write this post about expanding our muckraking team here at TPM. Then we had the second afternoon in a row when a shattering blockbuster news story broke right at the end of the day turning everything upside down and scrambling my plans. Which is to say that President Trump is managing to be corrupt faster than I can hire people to cover his corruption, which is both impressive and daunting. So here goes. We are hiring reporters in both our DC and New York offices. These are investigative reporting positions. But I prefer to think of them as muckraking jobs. Because digging into big scandals and stories about corruption and abuses of the public trust, sometimes unseen and unexplored is what our history is as a site and what I love to be a part of. If you’re interested, please see the job listing after the jump.

TPM is hiring reporters in our DC and NY offices to build out our investigative team to aggressively pursue iterative, investigative journalism in the TPM tradition. These new reporting positions are part of a planned general expansion of our editorial team in NY and DC.

Applicants should have 5 and 10 years reporting experience, be hungry to break big stories and be ready to mix good old fashioned reporting skills and digital native tools to identify stories, grab hold of them and not let go until there’s no more news left in them to report.

Our model is iterative journalism, which means we strive not to be captive to any single format but rather let the story and news of the moment dictate the format we use to cover it.

Competitive salary, health insurance coverage (TPM pays 100% of premium), 401k, three weeks paid vacation per year. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to jobs (at) talkingpointsmemo.com. Include the subject line: “Job App: Reporter”. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.