Wait? Is This It?


Could this be the end? Probably not. But maybe. The word out of Toronto tonight is that embattled, poll-rising crackhead Mayor Rob Ford is going to make a special “announcement” tomorrow on his weekly radio program which he does with his brother. In case you’re keeping score at home, remember, that’s Doug Ford, who sits on the City Council and was apparently was the big drug dealer in the Ford’s home town when they were growing up.As you can imagine, the big question is whether Ford is going to announce he’s resigning. Obviously you have to hope the answer was no. Because that would put an end to this clown show. And that would be tragic. But just on predictive grounds, Ford doesn’t seem like a resigner. And he’s been insisting all week that he wouldn’t resign. I’ve heard speculation about resignation, decision not to run for reelection, deciding to call for a new election (which at least as I understand it there’s no mechanism to do), a stint at rehab (which we can call ‘doing a Filner’). It’s occurred to me though, with the recent rise in poll numbers, that Ford might simply double down and say he’s going to be free-basing full time. Or maybe even moving onto heroin.

I’m not sure whether the Ford radio show is broadcast over the Internet. But we should know tomorrow.

Who’s got a prediction?