VP Debate Live Blog #3

9:56 PM: This is getting brutal.

9:59 PM: The economics, social insurance and taxes conversations were not good for Ryan.

10:00 PM: Perhaps if Obama gets a cold Biden can sub in against Romney?

10:02 PM: Ryan’s lost on explaining the Afghanistan drawdown.

10:05 PM: Biden took 30 geritols this morning. Even getting in Raddatz’s face now.

10:06 PM: I think we’re at the point of the fight when both boxers are hanging on each other.

10:08 PM: I think there’s a smallish chance Biden might actually tell someone to get off his lawn.

10:10 PM: On foreign policy Ryan’s giving off a real Doogie Houser vibe, as per TPM Reader SS.

10:12 PM: There’s a limit on how much sense you can make when you’re just regurgitating stuff from your briefing books that you don’t know much about.

10:15 PM: National security interest standard doesn’t make the death toll of Syrians relevant.

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