Update On Nancy Lanza

A short while ago in the post below, I flagged the Journal’s suggestion that Nancy Lanza, the mother and apparent first victim of Adam Lanza, was not in fact a teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I subsequently added a number of updates from other publications — some (Times, WaPo and even the Courant) still saying she was a teach at the school, others (including the AP) agreeing with the Journal.

Needless to say, this leaves it a bit unclear what the truth is. My very tentative take from reading all of the accounts is that the ones questioning the teacher story appear to be more specific and recent, as though the teacher story were perhaps a shard of misinformation still tossing about in a sea of rewrites, notwithstanding more detailed and recent information. But the big picture is that you have contending accounts from major news organizations.

If you find additional accounts, please send them to me.This now seems to be definitive. From the Times

Contradicting earlier reports, Ms. Robinson said Mr. Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza, had never been a teacher or a substitute teacher at the school, though she did not specifically say whether she had had any other connection to the place.