Trenton, We Have a Problem


You may have seen this morning, Steve Kornacki released a blockbuster story on the BridgeGate front. It’s not narrowly tied to the George Washington Bridge lane closures. But it involves nearby Hoboken, where the city’s Mayor, Dawn Zimmer, says the Christie administration refused to provide Sandy Relief until the city approved a separate real estate project tied to Christie confidante, David Samson. Samson of course is Chairman of the Port Authority and currently eye deep in the BridgeGate story. Kornacki has been collaborating and reporting on this story for the last week with Brian Murphy, former NJ political reporter and now historian of US political economy at Baruch College. Brian has written up a deep look at this new story up at TPMCafe and what it in terms of the politics of New Jersey and the history of deep ties between tri-state politics and major development projects like this. Always a ripe ground for strong arm politics, bad acts and corruption. Read it here.