TPMers Vote, Part #1

TPM Reader EL: “Here are my voting pix: I was very excited to vote for Barack Obama in 2008, but this election feels different for me. For the first time in my 42 years of voting, I cast my ballot from someone who understands my life’s experiences. I wore white to honor the suffragettes who fought for the vote. I wore a pantsuit in honor of Hillary and I wore a Nasty Woman t-shirt because I am one!”

TPM Reader CS: “We voted early. This is me and my husband after we voted in Houston, Texas. My “I voted” sticker and the tag they gave me to enter the code for my ballot.”

TPM Reader JL: “My husband and me voting in Brooklyn, NY this morning.
Our polling place is right on our block, in a church that was the original structure for All Saints’ Episcopal Church, where my husband is Rector. The church moved up the block in 1893, we live right behind it, and we were married in it just over two years ago.”

TPM Reader VJS:”Me and my 88 year old mom. We’re with Her! Louisville, KY “

TPM Reader JJ: “Took my daughter (3) to help me vote in OH. She even helped me color in the square for HRC. We talked a lot about why we were voting for the “Girl” – because they are strong and tough and smart. She was very proud. “

TPM Reader AS: “Attached is the voting pic of me & my boyfriend, up early to vote in Lynbrook, southern Nassau County on Long Island. No line – and no stickers! 🙁 – and a smooth, quick process overall. We were excited to vote on different party lines and are glad NY state gives other parties that opportunity! We’re hoping our state senator can keep his seat after a close race this spring, too. Happy Election Day! Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you get some rest soon!”

TPM Reader PS: “Here are me and my wife outside the polling station after voting this morning. It was a rainy warm day. There was no wait to vote although the place was full of voters. My wife is from Kenya and became a citizen in 2002. The first time she voted in the U.S. she couldn’t understand why everyone doesn’t vote “It was so easy!””