This Is Getting Brutal


At a certain point you have to wonder what they did. Because at this point it seem like God is just f ‘ing with the GOP. Like pulling wings off a fly. As you can see in the live election results data to the right, Ted Cruz looks like close to a lock to win the Kansas caucus. Only 25% of the precincts have reported so far. But he’s had roughly 50% of the tally consistently all the way so far. Unless the distribution of the returns is wildly uneven it’s hard to see how he doesn’t win. (So far no returns appear to be in from greater Kansas City metro region.) That will be Cruz’s fifth win so far. And it does not seem improbable at all that he could win at least one more. (Just as I typed this, the first 5% of precinct results came in from Maine. He’s winning there too.)

GOP strategy to date has been to try to engineer the departure of enough candidate that sane Republicans are basically forced, compelled to vote for Marco Rubio. But it’s not happening. Another candidate may be picking up enough traction to give at least some level of a fight to Donald Trump. But it’s Ted Cruz!

So maybe they’ll have to steal the nomination from both Trump and Cruz!

Like I said, it’s almost like He’s just f ‘ing with them at this point.