The Night That Was

If you’re just waking up, it’s a been a surreal night of chaos and violence north of Boston which, according to latest reports, has ended with one of the two Boston marathon suspects dead and another (apparently the so-called suspect number two with the white cap) still at large.

It began with the murder of a MIT police officer at the edge of the MIT campus just before 11 PM Thursday night. That led to a carjacking which took police on a chase into the neighboring town of Watertown. For hours it was unclear just what was happening and whether it had anything to do with the bombing investigation, though as events proceeded it became increasingly difficult to imagine they were not.

Listening to police scanners from midnight until roughly 1 AM was a surreal experience and certainly a terrifying one for those involved as law enforcement officers struggled to make sense of a chaotic situation, engaged in shootouts and were targeted with explosives by fleeing suspects. Soon scores of police from different departments and federal agencies were converging on Watertown. Dynamite, hand grenades, pipe bombs were the phrases tossed out live over police scanners as the events unfolded, though all that seems certain is that there were explosives of some sort. Police held a press conference a short time ago, the details of which are here.

Police seemed to be waiting for daybreak to intensify the search for the so-called suspect number two.