The Families Guy

Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY) has just issued a statement confirming what the New York tabloids have been in a tizzy about since Fossella’s DUI arrest in suburban DC last week: He fathered a child with the woman — not his wife, the mother of his three other children — who picked him up from jail that night.

From Roll Call (sub. req.):

“I have had a relationship with Laura Fay, with whom I have a three year old daughter,” Fossella said in a statement.

“My personal failings and imperfections have caused enormous pain to the people I love and I am truly sorry.

“While I understand that there will be many questions, including those about my political future, making any political decisions right now are furthest from my mind.

“Over the coming weeks and months, I will to continue to do my job and I will work hard to heal the deep wounds I have caused.”

The buzz is that this episode will force Fossella, the only Republican congressman representing NYC, not to seek re-election this year.