The Dukester!

Remember Randy “Duke” Cunningham? The guy who sort of kicked off the late, baroque scandal-era of the GOP ascendency with his boffo corruption scandal (he had actually prepared a menu for what contracts he might offer in exchange for which bribes) in mid-2005? Well, it sounds like half a decade in the can has turned Cunningham into something of a prison reform activist. Says Cunningham …

The USA has more prisoners than any other nation, including Russian & China. The US Attorneys win 98% of their cases and if you do not plead in which 80-90% is not true they threaten your wife children etc with prison time … Maybe that’s why God put me here to bring about much needed prison reform. Millions of prisoners but 4x that in families are harmed.”

Never much of a grammarian. But prison seems to have changed the guy.