I want to thank everybody who has signed up for Prime in our membership drive so far. 413 new sign ups as of this morning. It’s a solid start on our goal for this drive. If you signed up and you have any questions or if you’ve had any difficulty signing in or anything else, please drop us a line. We’re here ready help or flatten out any kinks you may find. (Hit us up at the main TPM email or at siteissues (at) I’m going to try to give you a breather from my hard sells today. But we know many of you have been interested to see with your own eyes what we’re doing with the longform pieces we publish at Prime. The topics are diverse and often off the beaten TPM path by design – ranging from the demise of the filibuster to rare earth minerals to the renascent street protest culture in Erdogan’s Turkey. Today we’ve made one of those longforms available to all readers. In April we sent artist and writer Molly Crabapple to Instanbul to report on the city’s bubbling street protest culture. She returned a week later with her signature trenchant writing and lush visuals. Here’s what she found and saw. We hope you like it.

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