Thankful For …

It takes a special kind of reporter to have an eye to catch or actually hunt up a little segment where Michele Bachmann reveals she became a Republican after reading a ‘snotty’ novel by Gore Vidal.

Also thankful for this story: “Lowden Doubles Down on Health-Care-By-Barter: ‘Bring A Chicken to The Doctor’ Video.” Given how tough it was for Harry Reid to beat Sharron Angle who was probably one of the worst candidates ever, it’s interesting to wonder: would Reid still be Majority Leader if Lowden hadn’t self-destructed with this chicken nonsense?

Remember too, it wasn’t just one gaffe. Lowden first just suggested barter for health care. I remember several people suggested that she’d just jumbled her words and actually meant ‘bargain’ for health care. When I linked to the first story I led with the headline “I Bid Three Chickens for that M-R-I!!” But remember, she hadn’t mentioned chickens yet. Clearly I was weirdly in touch with the 2010 zeitgeist because sure enough a week later, whatever the hell she meant the first time, she’s doubling down on the barter concept by suggesting bartering chickens for health care.

And filed under ‘I don’t think we’ll be seeing that happen again’, remember back in April when Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) got in trouble for omitting any mention of slavery from his Confederate History Month proclamation? Well, up to defend McDonnell was none other than Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, telling CNN the whole thing “didn’t amount to diddly.”