Tapped Out on Cred Live Blog

3:23 PM: Sessions appears to invoke executive privilege not to comment on whether pardons have been discussed. (Executive privilege seems to have become the privilege that dare not speak its name.)

3:20 PM: Sessions says his recusal had nothing to do with his actions, but only the fact that he was an top advisor to the campaign. But he recused himself the day after his meetings with Ambassador Kislyak were first reported. Seems odd.

3:07 PM: “The people of this country expect an honest and transparent government and that’s what we’re giving them.”

3:04 PM: It seems like Attorney General Sessions had a somewhat different understanding of ‘recusal’ than a lot of the rest of us.

2:59 PM: Sessions’ statement is vehement but I confess a bit hard to follow.

2:48 PM: “Just the beginning of our interaction with you and your department.” Hrrrmmm.

2:45 PM: I would not say Burr sounds hostile. But if I’m Sessions, I’m not feeling the love.

2:40 PM: And here we go …