Still Have Don Young to Kick Around

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) today officially filed to run for reelection to a 19th term as Alaska’s sole representative in the House. Here’s a portion of the statement from Young that his campaign released:

“I know I may come off as gruff sometimes, and some think that my methods in Congress are a bit aggressive. But guess what? I’m effective, and my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle always have acknowledged that. We are a huge state with only one representative in the House. The only way anything can get done for our state is to stand up and fight for it, and I’ve done that well for you all throughout my career.

“We live in a world where liberals from San Francisco are running Congress and their greatest wish is to lock up Alaska and turn it into a national park. Well, that’s not happening on my watch, not now and not ever. I have fought long and hard over my career for a state I love and a state I proudly call home. With your support, I look forward to continue standing up for Alaska!”