Stepping In It?

About an hour ago, a reporter for a cable-only TV news station in Ohio tweeted that Mitt Romney has told him in a yet-to-air interview that he opposed the Blunt amendment, which would allow employers to refuse to provide health insurance policies that cover contraception and other matters of conscience. Opposition to the Blunt amendment by Romney would mark a sharp break from the current orthodoxy of national Republicans, but it’s not entirely clear yet what Romney said.

The Ohio reporter, Jim Heath of the Ohio News Network, let Greg Sargent of the Washington Post listen to the audio of the interview. Greg’s account suggests Romney did voice opposition of some kind to the bill.

The Romney campaign has been quiet for the last hour despite reporters scrambling to ascertain Mitt’s position. Just now, there are reports that the campaign is saying ONN’s reporting is wrong (the tape will resolve that), and the campaign is saying Romney in fact supports the Blunt amendment.

Our full report shortly.

Update: Sahil Kapur and Benjy Sarlin with the full report.