SOTU Live Blogging

9:01 PM: Lapping up the collegiality commentary.

9:08 PM: Feel like the mics are picking up more chatter this year. President Obama was just joking with Secy. Clinton about how he doesn’t even need to give the speech now, everybody’s read it. (One of the DC pubs broke the rules — by any reasonable standard — and released it while the embargo was still in effect.)

9:17 PM: What is that silver tray in front of Speaker Boehner with like glasses in it?

9:21 PM: Obama showing solid readings on MoJometer.

9:22 PM: With Obama talking about winning the future, I bet folks at Politico feel sheepish and embarrassed only trying to win the morning.

9:27 PM: Who will be first pol to call on Obama to apologize for calling oil “yesterday’s energy”?

9:37 PM: For sake of clarity, I will from now on abbreviate ‘win the future’ as WTF.