SOTU Live Blogging #1

9:02 PM: Yep, just watching these folks walk in like you.

9:03 PM: Rather amazing, all three members of the conservative faction (Thomas, Scalia and Alito) on the Supreme Court chose not to attend tonight.

9:05 PM: Off to a promising start, Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) starts the evening calling President Obama a “socialistic dictator.”

9:11 PM: As you may know, each State of the Union there’s a designated survivor chosen from the President’s cabinet. Basically, if something truly awful happened and everyone in the chamber died, that one surviving member of the Cabinet would assume the Presidency. Today it’s Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. So they’ve got him tucked away at some undisclosed location.

9:17 PM: If you want to follow along at home here’s the full text of the President’s speech.

9:20 PM: Okay, not being sarcastic about this. But Speaker Boehner looks seriously fried. Like red. Like not orange but seriously red. Like maybe 30 hours in the sun or something. Is it my TV or are you seeing the same thing?

9:27 PM: GOP Reps and Senators rush to get pictures taken with Duck Dynasty star. Pix.