Some Take Aways from Last Night

1. You break into the courthouse with the ballots the night you’re losing not the night you’re winning (classic rookie mistake).

2. You may only catch an old guy like Cochran napping once. This one’s more serious. It’s hard to believe, but as nearly as I can tell, despite all the warning signs, Cochran went into primary significantly unprepared, without a lot of the resources and planning he was going to need for the fight for his political life he had on his hands. That changed quickly the day after the primary. Black voters will get nearly all the press. But that was only one part of the Cochran GOTV operation, which going into last night and from the results was performed dramatically better than on round one and almost certainly won him the race.

3. Watch out how many neo-Confederate or white nationalist types rallies you attend. That can turn out to be a problem, even in a GOP only race.