Sharing These Thoughts

From a longtime cherished reader …

Now we get to test if the press is really free and if American institutions are truly robust. I’m starting to organize today to put in my bit to help retake the House or the Senate in two years. I am going to finally get my US citizenship as an act of defiance and resistance. I have refused to get it so far – I have lived here 20 years. I have even entertained leaving. But no. I do not have the luxury of bailing out, or of despairing. My kid is growing up here. This is where I live. These are my friends. I care about my community. So I will become a US citizen.

We will have to manage the damage. It will be very high to incalculable. But don’t forget economist Robert Fogel’s lesson. The immovable force of demographic change points to brighter days ahead. It will take longer than hoped for. We are not alone. Fired up. Ready to go.

Peace and long life Josh.