SC Debate Blogging #2

10:02 PM: Trump: “We are not being treated properly.”

10:15 PM: Ben Carson is truly stupid on almost every policy issue.

10:17 PM: If Jeb would have brought this Jeb earlier in the election he might still be in the election.

10:18 PM: What hasn’t gotten a lot of discussion in the national political conversation is that Trump is in many ways a natural candidate for South Carolina. He’s obviously not an evangelical. But South Carolina has been ravaged by globalization with numerous light industry jobs disappearing in recent decades. The Mexico and China bashing has a ready audience there.

10:24 PM: I think there’s a decent argument that Donald Trump does love eminent domain.

10:27 PM: Trump to Cruz: “You are the single biggest liar.”

10:28 PM: This is a thing of beauty.

10:29 PM: The Berlin Wall.

10:32 PM: This is certainly the most time the word “liar” has been used, especially in the vocative, in any debate ever.