Reliving the Summer of Teh Crazy

Back in the summer of 2009 we had the first glimmer of the coming politics of the Obama era in the raucus and whackadoodle townhall meetings when Tea Partiers, occasionally bearing assault weapons, turned out to fight the onslaught of health care reform. And I’m starting to think that we’re heading toward something similar with guns (and possibly, though we haven’t gotten to it yet, over immigration reform).

Here are some stories just over the last few days hours.

Texas AG invites gun-loving New Yorkers to move to Texas.

Mississippi Governor and House Speaker wants to use the pre-Civil War (and unconstitutional) theory of ‘interposition and nullification’ to nullify federal gun laws within the sovereign state of Mississippi.

Tennessee state Rep. wants to arrest federal agents who try to enforce federal gun laws in Tennessee.

Texas Congressman threatens impeachment over potential Obama executive order.

NRA attacks President and President’s daughters in new gun ad.

So where do you think this is going? Share your thoughts with me and I’ll print responses here at the Editor’s Blog.