Real Lives Pt. 7

TPM Reader MD helps us understand the power of building a robust state based exchange …

I also live in California, and my experience is very similar to that of the family in “Real Lives, Part 6.”

Our exchange is very effective, clear as can be, and the call center has no wait times of any significance.

Once I enroll, which I will, I will get a better plan, from the same company, for 60% less. That simple.

It took me an hour to sort through all of this, including three phone calls to Covered California and a call to my current (and probably future) insurance company.

60%, Josh. And I could have saved 80% if I was willing to pay higher deductibles, but because it was such a savings, we opted for maximum coverage and no deductible.

That, to me, is a success story.

It’s no wonder there is such heat around this, and it’s no wonder anti-Obamacare governors refused to set up their own exchanges. Set up as it is in California, the benefits of the ACA are self-evident…immediately.