As we discuss moving for politics, Portland turns out to be a pretty frequent destination. From TPM Reader GP

JM’s story about moving because of the political climate is similar to mine. I am a midwesterner – grew up in Ohio and Michigan – but moved south as a young man.

After several years in Florida, I moved to Atlanta for better employment opportunities and wound up spending eight years in Newt Gingrich’s district. When I went to the polling place, I could tell I was one of the few voting for Democrats. Most my coworkers were also southern conservatives and I learned to keep my mouth shut. I felt isolated and thought I was going crazy – until I took a couple road trips and realized I was just living in the wrong place.

Like JM, I wound up in Portland, OR where it’s just a natural fit. It feels kinda like a bubble sometimes, however. My liberal politics is tempered by the awareness that large swaths of America are conservative, and that makes me cautious about pursuing some causes. Many who have lived here for a long time don’t share that view.