Yesterday Dylan Scott was all over that bogus “survey” that the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent to insurance companies and the incomplete data it produced. Check out Dylan’s pieces here, here, and here and my elaboration here.

When Michael Tomasky approached committee staff, basically asking what gives?, here’s what they said:

I asked the GOP staff at the committee if they had a counter to the argument that their numbers were incomplete and in essence rigged. On background, one staffer there basically told me that they didn’t have a counter. The committee press release makes it clear, I was told, that these data represent payments only through April 15, and the committee will seek another report May 20.

In other words, this staffer is saying: Yep. Which makes it rather hard to avoid the conclusion that the committee knowingly put out a bad number. Why would a committee of the House of Representatives do something like that? Well, what am I saying? We know why.

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