Newt Rage Reel

One of the things that’s gotten Newt Gingrich back in the lead is raging at the press and particularly the moderators at presidential debates. It’s almost a stock part of the 2011 debate cycle: Moderator: Newt, what do you think about X. Newt: I’m sorry to see you’d ask such a moronic question, fool.

The thing with Newt, though, is that it’s not performance. This is in the guy’s blood. His emotional center of gravity is contemptuous disdain. Always has been. And the more over the top the better. So we thought we’d loop together some of Newt’s key lash out moments from the last 500 or so debates. Watch.

Late Update: The guy/gal who runs this site seems to have the same idea. No idea who runs it. Just got sent the link.